Artists Statement

Art became part of my life as I stood at my motherís knee and intently watched as she put oil to canvas. Although my art has become three dimensional, I can still smell the oils and turpentine that influenced me so, in my youth.

My initial approach to sculpture was one of picking though scraps of metal and welding them together, in a somewhat spontaneous manner, until I had a finished piece. As I grew older I began to actually plan ahead and create pieces which I had first drawn on paper or modeled in scale. After formal training in art, at The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and then The University of Miami, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1976. From then on my work began to be planned out to minute detail, and executed to exacting, pre-determined specifications.

Today, I have taken a full turn back to my early approach, where my pieces are continuously in a state of creative flux, until completion. While I do take photographs and draw numerous variations before even starting on the steel, the creative process continues until the piece is finished. I allow myself license to make changes, and even change direction, as the work progresses. This metamorphic approach is quite a departure from the plan, then execute, design procedures of my recent past.

Most importantly, I am experiencing more pleasure and personal gratification from my work, than ever before, in my career.

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